Mar. 27th, 2009

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We're having some people over for brunch on Sunday (two friends and their newborn daughter, all the way from Cold Lake, Alberta, and two other couples). We spent part of the last weekend putting together a menu but we weren't sure about the quiche recipes that we had selected.

The Missus mashed a few of those recipes together today to come up with an amazing breakfast quiche. In short, instead of making them in pie crusts, you line the pans with hash browns. To do this, we took the basic recipe for hash browns from The Professional Chef, and then the recipes for the fillings from The Professional Chef and The Canadian Living Cookbook. Tonight we tested the bacon and Swiss cheese filling. On Sunday, we'll also have two other quiches: smoked salmon and dill, and tomato and leek. Once we've put our notes in order, I'll post the completed recipe here.

We'll also be serving Bellinis, which we tried last May when my mother and grandmother were over for Mother's Day. Easy, delicious, bubbly, and acceptable to drink before noon:

In a regular wine glass, pour a dash of grenadine, two measures of peach juice, then four measures of chilled champagne or sparkling wine (we use cheapish sparkling wine). Float one or two raspberries in each glass.

For a non-alcoholic version, substitute the champagne or sparkling wine with ginger ale.


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