Aug. 18th, 2017 08:13 am
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I had hoped to do semi-regular linkspam-type posts, but that's worked out even worse than my reading update posts! It's not deliberate neglect on my part, it's just that I realized that most of the articles I find appearing on my Twitter feed related to various aspects of parliamentary-type stuff, so while one such link in a linkspam might be interesting to others, only links of that nature probably would not. What can I say? I have a rather fine-tuned Twitter feed.

However, I have found a few links in recent days that aren't (all) about parliaments, so here goes.

Here's a nice little history of the relationship between Big Ben and the British (following news this week that BB will fall silent for 4 years for repairs starting Aug. 21).

Class-A dickwad Julian Assange and Wikileaks turned down leads on the Russian Government during the US Presidential Campaign. Colour me not at all shocked or surprised.

Yesterday, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, in a speech to her party caucus, revealed that a third of the caucus were born outside of Canada. This made me smile given the political chaos currently hitting Australia over revelations that a bunch of MPs and Senators there are dual citizens. Australia's constitution forbids anyone holding citizenship of another country from running for parliament.. Here's a nice overview from the BBC.

This one is just kind of cute and funny: What Game of Thrones characters would look like if they were Chinese street vendors.

This piece was written over a year ago, but only came to my attention recently. The author, who has a PhD in Mythology, explores the archetypal significance of TV epics and ridiculously embarrassing celebrity crushes. It's specifically about Outlander, and comes closest to how I feel about the show (because, like the author, this is the first show that I've ever come close to being "fannish" about). It's a long read, but very interesting.

broken :-( And eclipse! :-)

Aug. 16th, 2017 06:38 pm
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In case you're wondering why I haven't been posting, it's because I'm not doing anything worthy of posting about. Yeah, I had great plans after the Kendall Mountain Run, but maybe I shouldn't have posted, at the end of my race report:
Now, my legs hurt like you wouldn't believe, though I don't think I actually injured anything, just overused the muscles of my quads and glutes. Hopefully everything will feel good by next Saturday, when we head out into the wilderness for a week of backpacking. Then it will be time to turn my exercise attention to mountain biking in preparation for the Telluride-to-Moab ride in September. But I'll still be running 3-4 days a week, including attending the club track workouts, and hopefully by the time October comes around, I'll be ready to run a decent half marathon, and maybe even sign up for a late fall/early winter marathon.
Because in fact I did injure something. Gory details. )

Anyway, that's why I've been boring lately. :-( But in happier news, we'll be driving our camper van to Wyoming to see the eclipse, heading out this weekend! Originally we were going to combine it with some mtb'ing, but obviously if we do any, I'm just going to ride around on a dirt road as I'm not yet ready to switch to the real bike. This will be my second total eclipse, as I saw the March 1970 eclipse with my family:

March 1970 eclipse March 1970 eclipse

Er, I'm the six-year-old moppet wrapped in a blanket. The reason all the telescopes are there is that my father worked for NASA Goddard, and so this was a group of his co-workers and their families, who had all driven to just over the VA-NC line to get to totality.

Reading 2017

Aug. 16th, 2017 12:13 pm
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Here is what I have read since the last time I did one of these posts:

Just One Look -- Harlan Coben
The Flame Bearer -- Bernard Cornwell
The Innocent -- Harlan Coben
Station Eleven -- Emily St. John Mandel
Sharp Objects -- Gillian Flynn

I am currently reading Fall of Giants -- Ken Follett, which is book one of a trilogy. I haven't quite decided if I'm liking this one enough to read the other two in the trilogy, but I'm not that far in yet so that's a decision that can wait until I've finished it.


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